Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agent with couple in front of sold home.

Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

While most people never question the use of a real estate agent, a few people may wonder if they really need to use an agent to sell or buy their home.

A real estate agent acts as more than a liaison between buyer and seller.  A real estate agent has studied the real estate market, they know pricing, they have negotiating skills, and they are well connected.


Real Estate agents have experience and expertise the common home buyer/seller does not have.  Agents know the language and have experience with the forms, reports, and disclosures.  This knowledge can prevent delays, costly mistakes, and save you time and money.

Convenience and Connections

A real estate agent is constantly driving around checking out listings, keeping up with market statistics, and most importantly making connections, according to Rachel Stults of  Connections with mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, interior designers, and many others.  Their connections can save you lots of time, not to mention their marketing knowledge and connections when marketing your home for sale.  Time is invaluable and a real estate agent can save your time.

 Negotiation Skills and Property Knowledge

Agents know the importance of a good deal, but they also know the importance of inspections, contingencies, and other items that may be overlooked by individuals.  They are also trained in negotiation, they understand bidding wars and buying tactics that the everyday home owner may not grasp.

Neighborhood Knowledge

A real estate agent knows the ins and outs of not only the market in general, but your market.  They have knowledge that goes well beyond a simple Internet search.  They are familiar with neighborhoods, school districts, and areas that may be a fit for your lifestyle.

A real estate agent is a critical tool in your home buying/selling.  They have knowledge, experience, and skills that make home buying and selling more convenient.

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