Looking to relocate to Greensboro? Let us fill you in on the “Greensboro Greatness”

Greensboro, NC

Looking to relocate to Greensboro? Let us fill you in on “Greensboro Greatness”

Are you considering relocating to Greensboro, NC?  If so, you are in luck. We have some insider information on a town full of greatness – Greensboro Greatness.

Greensboro – a city with a small-town feel. 

Greensboro is the third largest city in North Carolina and prides itself as a city with a small-town feel.  Greensboro hosts an array of events and entertainment, has a wide variety of great eateries, and experiences all four seasons – in just the right amount.  It is a great, well-rounded location for families and singles looking for a mix between city and small town.

Become a “Locavore.”

You will quickly realize that everything “local” in Greensboro is better. The food is fresher, the people are nicer, and you feel closer to the community. The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market is the place to start. Right next to Downtown, you will find an old war armory filled with farmers, bakers, crafters, and butchers. They will always greet you with a smile or sometimes a hug. Once you finish your shopping, feel free to sit outside and listen to live music on a warm sunny day.

Cheesecakes must be made by Alex. Period.

You are Downtown and just finished an excellent meal or you’re sitting at home and craving something sweet. Go to Cheesecakes by Alex. You will find flavors from plain to crème brulee to Irish coffee. And you must try the seasonal blueberry – wow. Don’t like cheesecake? Try it anyways. Really don’t like it? Don’t worry, they have cannoli’s, cupcakes, cookies, and a variety of coffee drinks.

You’ll never go hungry.  

There is seriously no end to the amount and variety of restaurants in Greensboro, over 700… Below we have listed just a few to get you started.

Four Seasons of Fun

Greensboro experiences all four seasons in just the right “southern” amount.  Snow – a dusting or 6 inches, everything shuts down and makes for a great snow day.  The Spring and Fall are the best – from the beautiful spring flowers and greenery to a Fall full of beautiful colors, you will not miss any of it here in Greensboro.  And the summers, well they are warm, but no better time to enjoy cold glasses of ice tea, which is always sweet here, and evenings full of fireflies.

Parks are Big Around Here

Literally, Greensboro boasts a 250-acre park amongst its 170 parks and gardens. Greensboro also has 90+ miles of trails, two golf courses and three lakes with kayaking, paddling boarding, fishing, and more. You can definitely find something to do outside to cure your cabin fever. Check out the Greensboro Parks and Rec website to learn more about each park.

And Speaking of Events…

Greensboro always has something going on. Food Truck Festival, First Friday, City Market and more. If you have a free weekend or bored one night there is always something to do.

Join us in Greensboro and see for yourself.  Contact us today for more information on relocating to this great city and experience Greensboro Greatness for yourself.

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