Basic Staging Ideas for an Open House

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Basic Staging Ideas for Your Open House

While it may be impossible to convey every buyer’s style and taste there are few things you can do to make your space more appealing. Just a few basic staging ideas can make a big difference in how your home will show to potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers will see is your lawn and front entrance.  Make sure the lawn is well maintained and, when in season, plant colorful flowers. Buy a new entry mat, replace your house numbers if they are faded, and don’t be afraid to paint your front door to give it that “new” feeling.

Living Room

According to Shannon Petrie of HGTV, the living room needs to have a “wow” factor –  and in most cases this means less is more. Create a focal point and work around that.  For example, if you have a fireplace, create a sitting area around that point.  Remove large pieces of furniture and don’t push the furniture all the way against the walls.


Luxurious bedding goes a long way in the bedroom.  Make sure you keep your “everyday” items stowed away and create a feeling of a luxury hotel room.  The bedroom should convey a feeling of luxury and comfort.


Cleanliness and style make a bathroom show well.  Spend a little money on new towels and a shower curtain.  If you have shower doors make sure they are very clean.  And don’t forget about your shower and tub, no one wants to look into a dirty tub.  Remove daily toiletries, toothbrushes, and cosmetics and place in the cabinet, keeping counter and vanity areas neat and free of personal items.

Overall Tips

One of the best tips, comes from designer Lisa Laporta, stage rooms with one purpose so buyers will know what it is.  That office that may also function as your guest bedroom – make a choice, which will sell better – bedroom or office and make the appropriate changes.

And don’t sell your storage space short either.  Buyers love to see areas for storage.  Keep these areas neat and organized as many buyers will want to see storage areas.

Overall, hiring a professional stager can be a great benefit, but it may not be an option for all.  Clean, declutter, remove personal items, and ask your realtor for advice on the best way to stage your home to sell.

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